Our systems are based on a combination of open and closed source software, in addition to our own custom software. We integrate applications and networks with the following core components:

OpenSIPShigh performance SIP proxy
SangomaE1/T1 interface cards, SS7 gateways
Logitelredundant voice switches with centrex features

Our system for Diskavontade, a CLEC, illustrates how we built comprehensive infrastructure to handle VoIP traffic for a large customer base spread between Brazil and the U.S.
See the overview here.

Recent development projects:
  • SS7 gateway to SIP trunks for mobile provider in Suriname
  • real-time software based T1 switch with custom Q.931 layer to implement precedence & preemption (MLPP) for a DoD customer
  • custom DSP software and descision-tree heuristics to reliably detect DTMF over a noisy GSM channel for a customer's calling-card application
  • specialized signaling application in Java using the JAIN SIP stack